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Bringing Bright Hope

In the book of Jeremiah, these words were spoken to people in the midst of hardship and suffering; people who were likely desiring an immediate rescue. But God’s response is not to provide an immediate escape from the difficult situation. Rather, God promises that He has a plan to prosper everyone in the midst of our current situation. 

At Positive Options, we have the opportunity to meet with people in deep need of healing and the hope needed to build a family. Every person who takes part in this work - the staff, volunteers, the board, donors, area churches, and the supporting community - feels that same urgency to be present for those in need. 

Do you feel it? You sense the urgency. 

TOGETHER we can bring Bright Hope to those who need courage - to choose life. 

TOGETHER we can raise awareness of client needs and of the work Positive Options is doing to meet those needs every day. 

TOGETHER we can pray and bring the Gospel, filled with the love and wisdom of God to our communities.

Steve and Libby's Story

Sometimes life is tough. Libby was living that reality. Her marriage was extremely stressed and now she feared she was pregnant. After taking a couple of at-home pregnancy tests her fear was confirmed. Now what? Her first step was to come to Positive Options for help. Though the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy were less than ideal, Libby and her husband, Steve, quickly recognized that their baby was a gift from God and his timing was perfect. They knew they were supposed to stay married. Libby believes that with faith in God - they could navigate their challenges together. She was fully committed to rebuilding her marriage. 

Upon seeing the test results at Positive Options, Libby cried tears of joy at the thought of the new life she carried within her womb. Though she sensed some relief, she still felt a little anxious about the future. Libby and her Positive Options advocate looked to God for the hope she needed. “I feel like God has personally reached down and hugged me,” Libby said after the prayer. She is convinced that God led her to Positive Options. Here, Libby received the care she needed and was reminded that God has a plan for both her child and her marriage. 

One more twist to this beautiful God story… 

Steve and Libby had a strong feeling they may be having twins. Their hunch was confirmed when they returned for their FREE ultrasound appointment. They are overjoyed with the gift of two children (Grace and Obadiah) and beyond grateful for the support from Positive Options. TOGETHER we have brought Bright Hope to Libby and Steve when they needed courage - to choose life. 

We share in their joy – We celebrate with them – We give glory to God!

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