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Be an investment in life

For GivingTuesday on November 30th, we would like to have a family support fund for men, women, or families who come to our center and need immediate assistance. As we provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasound, sometimes our clients are facing other crises. We want to provide immediate assistance if our clients might face a turn-off notice for water bills, electric bills, or a need for gas for their car, to get to an appointment. 
Even though we make several referrals to local agencies for help, our "JOY FUND" would assist people during times of immediate emergency, financial crisis, or just because they found out they were pregnant. Situations of need can — and often do — arise unexpectedly. 

A client once said to us... "I remember a teacher in high school, told me a story of a couple that came to his door and said they had just found out about an unexpected pregnancy. The teacher handed them a gift card and said: here's a gift card, go out for dinner, celebrate this child, and we'll figure out the details later"... 

Despite our clients being in a crises, together we can turn that crises into a celebration of life.