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The Joshua Center for Cultural Discipleship. We exist to mobilize the Body of Christ to embody the Gospel at the crossroads of culture.

What we do:

Raise-Up The Church

Topics like unplanned pregnancy, gender and sexuality, abortion, and fatherlessness affect almost everyone. We help the Church to be healed, whole, and faithful.

Reach the Community

We start with ministering to the Church, but we don't stop there. Our heart is to see the lost reached, invited into a spiritual family, and transformed by the Gospel.


The Joshua Center began as the church engagement arm of the local pregnancy center. We help other PRCs to build discipling partnerships with their local churches.

  • 70% of women who choose abortion self-identify as Christian. 

  • 1 in 3 women was attending a Christian church regularly at the time of their first abortion. 

  • Less than half of post-abortive women believe the church is prepared to help discuss their options in making an unplanned pregnancy decision.

  • More than half of churchgoers who have had an abortion report that no one at church knows they have had a terminated pregnancy. 
    LifeWay Research (2015)


As we consider these statistics, we are compelled to respond by offering the Church training and tools needed to change this narrative. Through The Joshua Center, our free resources of Making Life Disciples and Single Session Workshops are helping to make the Church a first and safe place for men, women, and families to talk about important and sensitive life issues.

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