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Align and display import feedback automaticallyAdd and manage commentsReview comments in the drawingDownload mediaManage import and export settingsThe aligned and annotated print is the fastest way to deliver your designs and ensure your client receives the latest version.Import feedback:Consult a PDF or printed sheet and send changes to your AutoCAD drawings automatically.Add comments and notes to the drawing for your clientRedesign the drawing or import the originalDownload the original or further export a versionDownload the drawing as your own media or export directly to PDF and PDF/AConvert your annotations to PDFManage import and export settingsGo paperless with native import, export, and annotation formats that are entirely compatible with your client’s current CAD or print systems.Format your documents to PDF:Create and export high-quality PDF drawings with annotated text and commentsBrowse existing PDF drawings in your AutoCAD repositoryDisplay and manage PDFs and annotationsAccess and manage print queuesGive approval for exportHow does it work?Import drawing versionsGet new drawings with minimal effort. Import an original drawing directly into the drawing you’re working on and compare it to a previous version. Use the Compare option to quickly display and discuss changes from version to version.Export multiple drawings to PDFExport all drawings in a drawing set directly to PDF. Share media quickly and easily with your clients without converting the original drawings.Multiple drawings, single exportEasily export one or more drawings from the drawing set as a single PDF file. Export multiple drawings at the same time for batch jobs. Export multiple drawings to PDF with a single command.Automate export to PDFAutoExport™ automatically exports multiple drawings as PDF with one simple command. AutoExport can also export to PDF/A, a PDF/A-1a format.Access a drawing’s historyView previous versions of the same drawing as well as saved versions of other drawings.Convert text to annotationsConvert existing comments to rich PDF annotations, including titles, dates, notes, and annotations to text. These features make it easy for your client to review and approve your work.Text to PDF:Manage comments and notes with rich annotations, including 2be273e24d

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