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Confidence in Christ Alone and Upcoming Remodel

Our friend Jim Sprague at Pregnancy Resource Center, Grand Rapids has shared this message with life-affirming ministries in the West Michigan area. His message rings true for Christians immersed in our current culture.

"Today’s Christian is charged with the task of making the Gospel of Jesus Christ known in the face of a culture adrift in a sea of tolerance and political correctness, floating further and further away from its biblical mooring. We do not lose heart, however, for the mission was never to redeem the culture, but to redeem mankind.

And we dare not look to any other kingdom for help. Russell Moore, author of Christianity Today’s 2015 Book of the Year, Onward: Engaging the Culture Without Losing the Gospel, points out the folly of this misplaced hope when he writes, “A religion that needs state power to enforce obedience to its beliefs is a religion that has lost confidence in the power of its Deity” (p.145).

We must remember that we worship the one true God who is sovereign over this and every nation on the planet. This means our hope is in the Kingdom of Christ alone, and not in any candidate, political party, or government. So as things around us decay, the redeeming message of the Cross must emit an even sweeter aroma.

So our confidence must be in Christ alone. Together we believe in the power of the gospel alone to change hearts and minds; redemption will never come from a governmental policy, but only from the person of Jesus Christ. And this is why we’re here: to speak truth about the sanctity of human life where lies are being believed.

We’ve found that no Executive Order or Supreme Court ruling matters much to the woman sitting in our ultrasound suite, agonizing over the devastating news that she’s pregnant. In that moment she needs the life-giving hope of the gospel. And that’s why Pregnancy Centers are there—to love her in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for supporting these ministries so generously over the years. I’m grateful you understand that whether or not we have a “godly President,” or whether SCOTUS one day overturns Roe, each woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy today still needs the love of Christ extended to her in practical ways. Your support allows us to be Jesus with skin on."

-Jim Sprague, MSW | Chief Executive Officer

Jim has extended a charge to all of us, and there are several ways to respond and share in this work here at LPC/Positive Options.

  • Are you ready to serve on the front lines? Inquire about Volunteer Training coming in October.

  • Would you like to help renovate the Allegan Center to serve families more effectively? We are looking for doors, cabinets, sinks, chairs, office furniture, and paint.

  • The furnace at the Allegan Center needs to be replaced, we are praying for underwriters who will help us with this fund to create a comfortable atmosphere as mothers and fathers make life decisions.

Each of these practical responses will allow us to continue to extend the life giving hope of the gospel and love many in Jesus’ name.

If your heart connects with these needs or you have a connection to someone that could help with one or more, please email us at or fill out our website contact form.

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