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Rose Day at GVSU

In September 2016, Positive Options once again passed out roses to 1500 students at GVSU, providing them with encouragement for the first month of school and information about our services. We were met with waves of enormous gratitude and saw many gloomy faces raised up into a smile. But in the days that followed, we got the best response of all!

We had a young lady call and ask for pregnancy test. The following day she called back to say she had gotten her period, but was filled with anxiety and needed to talk. She wondered if she had to be removed from the schedule or if she could still come in. When we told her we had a nurse here to talk to and that she was welcome to come in just to talk, she exploded with thanks! She must have said "thank you" at least four times before the call ended. When the whole story came out at the appointment, we found out why she was so blown away by our welcome.

As the young lady met with our staff member, she conveyed that she had called an abortion provider to make an appointment, in which she was told she wouldn't be able to get in for two weeks. When she told the lady she really needed to talk to someone, they said, "If all you need to do is talk, go find someone to talk to." She didn't know what to do. She proceeded to talk to her friend, who handed her a card she had received between classes. This friend told her that a lady had given her a rose with this card on it, in which she encouraged her to call us.

When the staff member told her that she herself had been one of those handing out the roses, the client added that her friend was really taken back by the kindness she received, stating that because her friend looks a little different, her experience was that people are not usually that nice to her.

We got to love on a girl that doesn't see kindness very often. Romans 2:4 tells us that God's kindness is the key to changed hearts. We are believing God for changed hearts!

Keep praying! NEVER STOP PRAYING for us and for everything God puts on your heart! Your prayers and support are shaping the world!

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