What's our Why?


Why do we exist as an organization? Knowing our WHY is important. I recently heard a very poignant sermon from Elevation Church (North Carolina), titled,

“What’s Your Why?”

The pastor explained that as children we are forever asking, “Why?” But as we grow older our question often turns to “What?” What do you do? What is that? What do you want to be when you grow up?” “What?” not “Why?” Why do you do? Why is that? Why do you want to be that when you grow up?” Why do we do what we do? Our why, is to extend the love of God to people, especially those facing unexpected pregnancy, with the hope that they not only choose life but experience life! Why do you do what you do? Why do you give to this ministry? Why do you get involved in the lives of others?

Knowing your why is important. It moves you to action.

Knowing our “Why” has moved us to act, serve, and love others as He has first loved us.

The result is life.

That’s our why!

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