Last month Carolyn shared the power of knowing your “why”. A well rooted “why” has definitely been the grounding factor of my life. It’s important to mention that it’s evolved with time. A​t first I just wanted to do my thing: Write music, books and preach. Soon I realized I was hungry for something profoundly powerful. My big dreams gave way to a life altering Why: I want to work with God. “Look for the place God is at work and give yourself to that work”. I am at LPC because I sense God here and found a team of people who reverence His presence and His leading above all else. Through the years of ministry my why has not changed but gained greater clarity. I work where God has invited me to partner with Him, seeing what needs to be built and giving my strength to that work. A personal mission statement was developed over a decade ago: “I live to be a voice of encouragement to this generation.” I began to recognize that beyond the practical aspects of center leadership I personally carry a call to develop people to realize their full potential and see themselves as God sees them. My WHY continues to grow in strength and momentum. As we link arms and work for the good of this generation and the one yet to be born, let’s encourage each other to listen to God for the beautiful “why” that will make every “what” purposeful and powerful.

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