“The only superhero I know, is my dad.”

“Some superheroes don’t have capes…they are called dad.”

“Who needs Superman when you have a father?”

“To the world you are a Dad, to your family you are the world.”

Fathers, leave a legacy. It is a powerful one whether positive or negative. We all have a specific image that gets conjured up in our minds eye when the word “Father” is spoken. For many it brings happy and healthy images, while for others, it brings painful and unhealthy ones. And yet for some, there are few images due to the absence of their father.

Fathers are crucial in the lives of their children, families, and marriages. At Lakeshore Pregnancy Center, we believe strongly in the legacy of fatherhood .

Through BestLife {hero} we are helping expectant fathers begin their journey into fatherhood. We encourage them with the amazing example we all have in our Heavenly Father, our ultimate hero who has set an example for every father:

He GIVES His life and time to His children daily.

He IS present for His children unconditionally.

He ENCOURAGES His children joyfully.

He LOVES His children sacrificially.

Happy Father’s Day

Live the example. Be a hero. ​Donate NOW

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