That is at the core of why we do all that we do at Lakeshore Pregnancy Center, because every life matters.

This laser-like focus is what excites me about working at Lakeshore Pregnancy Center and my guess it's what excites you as a supporter of LPC.

Saving lives is not "the why" of just part of what we do, it is "the why" of everything that we do. Yes, every last single thing. Remodeling our buildings to separate services, to save lives. Equipping highly qualified and trained volunteers, to save lives. Employing top notch medical professionals, saving lives. Offering compassion to those considering abortion, saving lives. Marketing that builds trust and offers hope, saving lives. Having male advocates available for expectant fathers, saving lives. Staff meetings to sharpen one another, saving lives. Stewarding the gifts of supporters like you, saving lives. Expanding our reach through the Mobile Medical Center, saving lives. Teaching new parents how to parent well, saving lives. There is much more, all focused on saving lives. Not just the lives of the unborn child, but the mom, the dad, and the future generations.

Holistic The things I mentioned above may not have come as a surprise to you, they all seem to be a part of the crisis pregnancy counseling. But, there is more.

We know that the root cause of abortion does not start at the moment of conception. We know that there is much more going on than just being pregnant. We believe that our approach must be holistic, while “our why” remains steadfast, every life matters.

In Part 2, join me as I explain the two programs that I lead. While on the surface they may not appear to save lives, I assure you they are! You will want to stay tuned

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