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Saving lives. Because every life matters. This is our “why”. In my last communication I stressed how this “why” is the singular focus of everything we do at Lakeshore Pregnancy Center. I mentioned last time that I lead two programs that at the surface don’t seems to be about saving lives. But, if you continue you will see how they both are totally about saving lives and how you can join in this life-saving work.


Sex Ed. Yes, even Sexual & Social Health Education is about saving lives. Teens are under attack. Especially when it comes to sex. The world is bombarding teens with false messages about sex. These messages include: everybody is having sex, sex is only physical, birth control will keep you safe, pornography is harmless, sex can be casual, if you are dating then you need to be having sex, the list goes on and on. Every day at our centers we see how these false messages impact men and women and often result in crisis pregnancy. Knowing this, requires action. We offer schools and churches, a sex education program that inspires and equips to students to choose abstinence until marriage. We know that abstinence protects students physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is the most God-glorifying way to live. Our comprehensive sexual health curriculum gives the students all the tools they need to make the healthiest choices possible. As you can see, sexual & social health education is all about saving lives, because every life matters.


The gates of hell will not overcome Lakeshore Pregnancy Center. Wait, that is not what the Bible says. It says that the gates of hell will not overcome the Church. (Matthew 16:16-19)

For far too long the prolife movement and the Church have operated independently of each other regarding the issue of Life. The effects of this separation are evident and devasating.

A 2015 study conducted by LifeWay Research, found that:

  • 7 in 10 women who have had an abortion indicate their religious preference is Christian.

  • 35% of these women indicate that they attend church once a month or more.

  • And 52% of Christian women who have had an abortion indicate that no one knows about their abortion.

Because life is a spiritual issue, the Church and the prolife movement need to function as one. God is the author of Life, He cares for and has a plan for every life, born and unborn. As I said to one church, “from the womb to the tomb, including the messy middle.”

With this realization, God is joining us to churches as we provide an interactive training that equips members to become Life Disciples. Through this training, members of local churches are being trained and empowered to compassionately respond to those in their care who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or a past pregnancy that ended in abortion. The beauty of this partnership is that our relationship has only just begun with the training. We continue to be a vital resource as the Life Disciples walk alongside mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancy or those in need of healing after abortion. Making Life Disciples is all about saving and restoring lives, because every life matters.

This is what the Pastor of Life Church, Tim Mangan, who church just completed the Making Life Disciples training had to say.

“We didn't just want the heart and the desire to help young men and women who are really making important life decisions concerning their future families. We wanted to be equipped and sensitive, to be able to guide them, and really encourage and support them, as much as we possibly can.So, we at Life Church, our entire staff, all entered into this journey of Making Life Disciples with Positive Options. For us now as a team, we feel prepared and comfortable welcoming and engaging young men and women who are in these difficult seasons of life.”

Unleashing the power of the Church, on the matter of life is and will continue to be the most important game-changer to save more and more lives. As you read this, your heart may be stirred to actively participate

in saving these lives.

There are three ways to take action:

1. Pray: There is great power in prayer and we need you to join us. Pray for mothers and fathers as they make difficult pregnancy decisions. Pray for teen’s as they face the pressure to engage in sexual immorality. Pray for churches as they engage in and stand for Life. Pray for our volunteers as they meet with moms and dads on a daily basis. Pray for those teaching new parents how to build and become a healthy family.

2. Volunteer: Is God calling you to action? If so, contact Sheila by email.

3. Financially Invest: It costs money to save lives. Without YOU, lives will NOT be saved.

Making Life Disciples:

  • $1,000 = The cost to train one local church to become Life Disciples.The program is offered to every church at no cost, removing any barrier that would stand in the way of implementation.

  • Be one of the twenty 20 people giving $25 would provide training for one church.

Project Best Life:

  • $50 dollars = The cost for one teen to receive life-giving sex education from one of our highly trained educators. For a re-occurring gift of $25/month, you can save the lives of 6 teens/year. Imagine the impact you will have on the youth in your community.

Saving lives is central to everything you make possible at Lakeshore Pregnancy Center.

Because every life matters.


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