A rose is worth a thousand words...

Roses are red… And win over a campus with kindness. A recent GVSU student group visit was required for a communications class. We gave them a tour and answered questions about either non-profit work, communications or related topics. Always the same. ALWAYS fun! We covered how the vision travels down from the board level to the boots on the ground crew. It was fun! When I got to the part about how vision impacts the community, I shared that we use billboards, ads and the Rose Event. (Each year we welcome students back to campus by distributing roses and encouragement one afternoon from the clock tower in the center of the Grand Valley campus.)

She smiled, stopped the feverish writing and said,

"Oh, ya! EVERYONE knows who you guys are!"

I asked her to explain. She told me that every other group at the clock tower has this approach: “Hound people with an agenda.”

"But you guys are totally different."

I told her what our aim was for the day: "To communicate who we are, where we are and what we do, but mostly to just be really good to people for that moment we have them." She stated emphatically that our goal was achieved and everyone was talking about us that day.

This young lady reported that EVERYONE knew us from one act of kindness. What we do is "different" than what women and men are experiencing anywhere else. We are remembered for our kindness.

Be encouraged. You are giving roses every day.

Don't grow weary! Be loving and kind! Every client, every moment, every act of grace, mercy and kindness, every financial gift and every prayer points to Jesus.

- Sandy Ohlman, Allendale Center Director

(September 19 at 12:30 PM)... This just in…

This year’s Rose Event just wrapped up.

Students report, “You are the buzz of social media and the center of many Snapchats.”

Pray that this kindness is heard and remembered when the “world” screams so loudly.

Keep pointing to Jesus and watch as the world is won over to love!

Our request to You:

God is on the move. He is doing amazing things and we cannot loose momentum. Events revenue is down this year and the need is great. Keep praying. Keep giving (and consider giving more or become a monthly donor). Keep responding to those around you with kindness. And again, keep pointing to Jesus and watch as the world is won over to love!

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