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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Friends and family, feasts and festivities – we celebrate and give thanks for all that God has done! We have SO much to be thankful for! From the Thanksgiving table, we jump into the holiday gift-giving swing with Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Every gift is chosen with care for those we love. And then, Giving Tuesday, when we extend our love and kindness beyond our circle into the lives of others. In this season of thanks and generosity, we invite you to join us and make an impact on those YET to be born.

In Psalm 102:1 we read, “Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise God.” As you give to those you love this season, would you consider doing something that will impact one yet to be born? Your gift will allow us to provide love and care to a young couple struggling with choices, needing wisdom and lacking support. Our desire is that every person we minister to would see the love of God and find freedom in Christ.

This is exactly what happened for Julie*. She was in an abusive relationship and very angry when we first met her. At the first BestLife Class she stormed out when the advocate shared that we were here to provide instruction, support and prayer. Offended by the word “prayer” and the “God” topic – she cut the appointment short. Through some gentle encouragement from the advocate, she agreed to take a class list with her as she left. A steady outpouring of love via follow up calls convinced Julie that she was safe and supported by the Positive Options team. She returned several months later. At that appointment, she told the advocate that she had started attending a Bible study, where she committed her life to Christ. After the baby was born, she returned to parenting classes a joyful young woman! We were blown away by the transformation.

Julie now eats up all our encouragement for matters of faith, motherhood and life. And we LOVE being able to pour into her! We are reminded that this new little life is already watching Mommy and learning to praise God.

Thank you for pouring into this ministry! Please continue to help us reach even MORE young moms, dads and babies so that hearts can be pointed to God! May our gifts and our work be a constant offering to our communities, inspiring people to praise God!

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