The Right Place at the Right Time

The abortion date was set. Feeling completely trapped by a choice made with a man she had no future with, she was taking the only path that seemed clear. As her mother pleaded with her to reconsider, she tearfully called the abortion clinic, with plans to re-schedule her abortion. Her mom suggested she get an ultrasound to see the impact of what she was planning to do. “I wanted her to see what was inside her.” The young lady reluctantly answered the intake questions, very distant and guarded. During the sonogram, she asked a few questions and was clearly amazed at the clarity of the baby’s size and activity – bouncing around within her. However, she remained distant, giving no sign of a changed heart. We offered BestLife {now} classes, support for the pregnancy and parenting classes. Still, an almost stoic response.

At the end of the appointment, the advocate prayed with mother and daughter for wisdom for the days ahead – something shifted. Walking out to the empty reception area, the advocate offered a hug to the young lady and spoke affirming words of God’s faithfulness to help her through the days ahead, quoting Jeremiah 29:11. “I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you… plans for hope and a future."

She continued, “This wasn’t your plan but God still has a plan and He can lead you in it. His plan is bigger than yours.” The young lady clung to the advocate and the ice began to melt. The advocate continued giving affirmation of God’s power to redeem the situation and there were tears and hugs all around with mother, daughter and advocate. Having a sonographer on site was the key to this crucial moment. Though encouragement was powerful, the truth was VITAL. The truth is – she’s carrying a baby! We are SO grateful for our medical team and for the donors who make it possible to have them in place. Hearts are changed when minds are changed – and for many, seeing is believing. Thank you, donors! Your support is giving sight to the mystery of life.

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