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Sanctity of Human Life Sandy Ohlman, Allendale Director

The third Sunday of January is observed by many as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

It originated under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan, who issued a presidential proclamation on January 13, 1984, that January 22nd would be designated as the National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. A strong pro-life advocate, President Reagan commented that his decision was in light of the 11th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade that same year. He described Roe vs. Wade as “striking down our laws protecting the lives of unborn children”. Presidents George H. & George W. Bush honored Reagan’s decree during their leadership. Presidents Clinton and Obama did not support the observation of this day during their years in the White House. At the current date, President Trump has shown a strong pro-life stance, but has not at this point re-issued this Presidential Proclamation. A recent announcement from the White House has created quite a stir: President Trump will be will become the first president to directly address the 45-year-old March for Life. Vice President Pence calls Trump the most pro-life president the United States has ever had. May God continue to give us godly men and women in places of leadership all across our land. Despite our political differences, in Psalm 33:11 we read,

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”.

When our eyes are on the Lord, we flourish. When our leaders honor God’s ways, the whole nation benefits. The burden of leadership is so heavy and complicated. As we consider this precious day and the value it shines on human life – let’s remember, we honor the day because of a leader who honored life! How can we make the most of this day and continue in the same heart displayed by President Reagan?

  • Pray for government leaders. Decisions and judgments are always in the process of being made. These people, appointed by us on election day need us to support them in prayer – constantly. 1 Tim 2:2 Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.

  • Pray for the pregnancy centers around the country. Ask God for great leaders to lead the way in the work and strengthen the hands of those on the front lines. Once again, success comes from great leadership and spills down to everyone involved.

  • Pray for the front line people who meet face to face with those in a crisis situation. Ask God to give them words that would act like keys for the hearts of the listeners to be open to life and the love of God.

  • Pray for resources for the centers to be able to function. It takes a village, a community, banding together with finances, volunteers, and resources to be able to offer help to those in need.

  • Ask God what action step YOU can take to make a difference. A powerful life begins on our knees and flows through our hands. What can you do to help the work prosper? Begin with prayer… but don’t stop there. Your life will flourish as you allow God to expand it.

Father, we thank you for the godly men and women in places of leadership across this great land. Give wisdom, insight, and understanding to our politicians and to those leading the way in the great work of redeeming lives – for this world and for eternity. Amen.

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