Sharing our Burdens

These quotes above are just some of the comments we've received recently from recently-served clients.

A woman walks in our front door looking scared and nervous. We greet her, offer a cup of coffee and ask her to fill out a little information about herself. She is here for a pregnancy test. She has come in alone, looking for someone to share her burden with her. Our volunteer client advocate brings her back to a warm, welcoming space to sit and chat, an opportunity to unload her burden and allow someone to come alongside her to share the weight of her circumstances. They find out together that she is indeed pregnant. She has several children already, and is pretty sure father of baby is not going to want another mouth to feed to add to their already stretched allotment of money and time. She is thinking about abortion. We listen and love her, offering her some ideas to think through. We are able to offer her an ultrasound on that same day. She agrees to return in a few hours to see how far along in pregnancy she is. When she returns, we are glad to see her, along with the father of baby. We have a male client advocate waiting to welcome him to hear what his concerns and thoughts are. Soon baby's father is asked to come into the ultrasound room and meet his child on the TV screen. It is a tense moment as he enters the room. What will his reaction be to this child? This is a huge adjustment and his reaction will have a great impact on what this woman’s decision about her pregnancy will be. Although it is too early to tell the gender of the child, his eyes move to the TV screen and he states with a big grin on his face, “Ah that’s my boy!” The tension in the room fades and mother of baby smiles and sighs. There are still hurdles to overcome, but seeing their child for the first time, they are able to come together and decide to parent this child together.

Stories like this are not possible without people like you!

Would you like to hear more? Would you like to get involved on a deeper level? Our spring event is coming up and we would love for you to join us. It will be a great time of learning more about the ministry as a whole and also what is going on in the center nearest you.

We literally could not continue this work without the support of people like you; giving your resources, giving your time, giving your expertise, and praying for us. You are already a part of the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center/ Positive Options family! Please come and see what God is doing with your investment.

This year there is a Spring Event near you!

For Allegan on May 1st: at Camp Beechpoint: RSVP TO: SPRING EVENT ALLEGAN

For Holland, Allendale and the Mobile Medical Center: On May 3rd at the Pinnacle center RSVP TO: SPRING EVENT HOLLAND/ALLENDALE/MMC

For Grand Haven: on May 7 at the Trillium RSVP TO: SPRING EVENT GRAND HAVEN

Doors open at 6:00 pm and dinner is served at 6:30 pm at each event.

It is scary to walk into a pregnancy center when you are a young couple nervous about a possible pregnancy. It is scary and intimidating to share a difficult circumstance with a stranger. It is scary to share with anyone. But what if we had a few people in each church who were a safe place to share difficult stuff with? What if there were “safe people” in each congregation that everyone knew could keep a confidence and could help walk alongside the tough stuff in life? We are working to set up such “life groups” in churches through our Best Life {Community} program. Our spring events will give much more information about this exciting opportunity. Please come and invite the leadership team from your church, and check it out!

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