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We love our volunteers...

“They remember me.”

“I am valued and an equal part of this pregnancy.”

“It’s like having moms and dads willing to parent more than their own kids.”

“I was comfortable talking to them.”

– Positive Options clients

The men and women who serve at Positive Options truly love the men and women who walk into the doors of each center. They bring their gifts, passion, strength, compassion, faithfulness, genuineness and the power of the Holy Spirit into each encounter. They connect. Each volunteer gives of their time, energy and emotional strength to walk alongside those we serve. They give because they understand the good, good love of the heavenly Father and want to share that with others. They give because they know they are loved. One would stand in awe to consider the cumulative gifts brought into each center and the impact made on each community. In the past year, men and women have given over 10,000 hours to bless the men and women served by Positive Options and Lakeshore Pregnancy Center. These hours were spent answering the phone, sorting donations, meeting with clients, serving on the board of directors, entering data, etc. The result…lives saved and lives changed. In this week of acknowledging volunteers, we thank all of the men and women who serve at Positive Options and Lakeshore Pregnancy Center. We pray for God’s blessing and provision for each one.

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