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A Mother with a Plan

“Jochebed was determined to find a way to save her son, and God blessed her plan.”

Jochebed is not a woman that most would remember as a hero of the Bible, but she was a determined mother. She hid her son away, but when she could no longer hide him, she placed him in a basket and set it in the reeds along the bank of the Nile.

Now we remember who she is. The mother of Moses.

Jochebed saved her son that day; a boy who became one of the world’s greatest figures. The moment she saw her baby, she was determined to fight for his life.

In Exodus 2, we see her plan come to fruition. Pharaoh’s daughter came to the Nile to bathe. When she saw the beautiful baby and heard his cry, she had compassion on him. She found, not just any Hebrew woman, but the mother of Moses herself, and asked her to nurse the child for a wage. Her baby was not only saved, but Jochebed was paid to care for him until he was weaned.

It was Jochebed’s hope, love, and courage that saved her child from death, and gave him the opportunity to bless the world.

Today I'm reminded of Lindsey; who had her abortion appointment scheduled. When she walked through our doors, hope was released. The moment she saw her baby, she was determined to fight for her baby’s life. Lindsey recognizes that “God fought hard” for her child.

This Mother’s Day, you can fight hard for every Lindsey and her unborn child. You can reconnect them to hope, love, and courage.

Would you honor a mother in your life by helping a woman considering abortion find the hope, love, and courage to save the life of her child?

In recognition of a special mother in my life, I cheer on every mom who is choosing life as a result of Lakeshore Pregnancy Center’s ministry.


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