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DNA called Love

Here at Positive Options, we come alongside many women facing pregnancies, both planned and unplanned. For every woman, there is also a father-to-be, who is trying to come to grips with his new situation. Most of these men want to be good fathers to their child, but they themselves did not have a positive father figure in their life while growing up, so they don't know what a good father really looks like. Studies have shown the overwhelming influence a father has on his children. From self-esteem to intellectual development, there is a long list of positive reasons for a child to have a good father from the beginning. If a man comes to our center and says he wants to be a good father, I tell him he is already on the road to becoming one. God put the good father DNA in all of us and it is called LOVE. Love your girlfriend/wife, and love your child too. We can help you learn. These men need the affirmation that they can be a good father from a man they can trust. With the help of some amazing male volunteer advocates, I have seen many men leave our centers so much more healthy and confident than when they came in. Are you a man who one of these new fathers can trust? Are you willing to come alongside and help him discover what a good father he can be?

There is a form the male clients fill out before they leave, telling us how we did in their eyes and if we could do something better. The most common response we have gotten is, “Thanks for not judging me". One man told me he felt judged all the time either through looks he got or because of what people said about him. I had done that very thing to people like him myself. I found myself asking God, where is that DNA called love when people need it so desperately? It's not just for our own children, it is for our neighbor as well, and we all know who Christ said our neighbors are. So, if you would like to help your neighbor, please think about volunteering at Positive Options. God would love to put you to work, and so would we! Best of all, we will train you right here! Take some time and pray about it and please give us a call. Thanks!!!


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