Celebrating Adoption

“Our understanding of Christianity cannot be better than our grasp of adoption...

Of all the gifts of grace, adoption is the highest."

-J.I. Packer

November is the month we set aside to celebrate adoption and how it has changed the face of our families, our communities, and our world. Adoption looks very different today than even one generation ago. Adoption has made families look, sound, and feel more diverse. We celebrate that, because we believe it’s not just good for the little ones who were without a home, but it has strengthened the people who took them in and made them their own. Although adoption is changing, the emotions involved are still very complex and very real.

While listening to the layers of complex emotions of those we serve, we begin to feel with them and understand how they can say, “I could never give my baby away” or “If I have an abortion, at least I’ll know where it is”. She knows too well how hurtful this world is. Her mind takes her to the hard places she’s been, and her baby could one day be. We never hear her heart say, “I just want to kill my baby”. It’s nothing to do with that. Her God-given nurturing instincts have already kicked in, and she is a mama bear protecting her cub the only way she knows how.

From the time she takes the first step into Positive Options we want her to feel a difference from the outside world. We want to celebrate her. We want to help her find the strength she has within her. Adoption is a parenting choice, one that holds two choices really. The first is to choose life for the child, the second is to choose a family for the child.

When she walks in our doors and meets face-to-face with a pregnancy decision; we listen. We sit with her right where she is, and respond with truth, love, and compassion. Our place is to help her see a better way, both for her and the one she carries. We do this because we want her to know the love of our Father God, her Father God. We all have an adoption story because of His love for us. Through His gift of grace we are part of His “forever family”, and we invite her in.

Join us this month as we celebrate adoption, ours, hers, and the LIFE that both bring.

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