You are a wonderful gift!

“As I get ready to celebrate my beautiful grandsons first birthday, I felt that I must celebrate you and the wonderful gift that ALL of you were to my daughter. My prayer has long been that God would put laborers in the path of my children, and there you were! An answer to prayer. You ministered to her, and her life was forever changed. I hope that you never grow weary in your work. I hope that you are able to see the fruits of your labor and that the Lord will return to you tenfold all that you give of yourselves.”

Signed, A proud mother and smitten grandmother

This grandmother’s prayer was that you would “see the fruits of your labor and return tenfold all that you have given”. I pass this on to you so that you could SEE and be blessed. You are a wonderful gift to us and to so many! Lives are forever changed because of you.

Together we celebrate love and life with this smitten grandmother.

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