Sponsor a Golfer at the
100 Hole Golf Marathon

On September 13th 28 golfers are going to take on a golf marathon – 100 holes in one

day in an effort to support the life-giving work they do. Would you help them love

people to life one tee shot at a time? 

We invite you to join us by sponsoring a golfer with a one-time gift, or sponsoring

the event.


• Providing an expectant mom pregnancy option counsel and medical services.

• Helping expectant dads navigate through their pregnancy options and fatherhood.

• Helping couples chose life as they see their baby for the first time through ultrasound. 

• Encouraging moms and dads as they become successful parents and partners.

• Empowering middle school students to build healthy relationships.

• Equipping church members so they can better respond to those among them facing 

unplanned pregnancy or past abortion.


We challenge you to be a hero for every mom, dad, and baby impacted by LPC. Let’s join every heroic mom and dad who choose life, the heroic students who choose purity, and the heroic team who chooses to love like Christ.

If you would like additional information on how to golf at this event or be a sponsor of this event please email Joe Pleune or call him at 616.836.7766 

DONATIONS: Bank Account (Checking or Savings) and Credit Cards