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JUNE 20, 2020 9 AM KICK-OFF
Today is the big day where both Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Rapids and Lakeshore Pregnancy Center come together... Two walks, Two Pregnancy Centers = One mission. 

Together we "Walk4LIFE



PRAYER VIDEO 1: Life International

PRAYER VIDEO 2: Abortion Clinic

PRAYER VIDEO 3: Planned Parenthood

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Here is what we are asking you to do: 

  • Get ready to walk! Decide where you want to walk from: home, your favorite park, or a trail or beach.

  • Join us at 9:00 am as we connect virtually to watch our Walk4Life kick-off video.

  • Once our online event finishes, grab your walker’s prayer guide and begin walking your two miles. Imagine yourself at each prayer stop (which you will hear about in the kick-off video). Quiet your mind and heart and pray.

  • Every half mile, stop and watch a short video at each prayer stop to unite us in prayer. Specific prayer requests are also listed in your walker’s prayer guide.

  • Take a picture of your walk and send them in for our gallery to:  marketing@lpcenters.com! We will feature them in our next E-newsletter.

  • Don’t forget to drop-off your collected pledges.