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Since 1991, we have lived out our mission to love people to life before, during , and after a pregnancy decision.  We provided free medical services (pregnancy tests & ultrasounds), prenatal and parenting education, relational and sexual health education, as well as church partnerships. We are building a vibrant community where every life is valued, loved, protected, and transformed because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Paulina, Client

I was finishing college and felt a lot of pressure from my ex-boyfriend to have an abortion. I came to Positive Options and I was encouraged to follow my dream. Evelyn has become a part of it. Parenting was the best decision for me.” 

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Tom, Volunteer

The choice to serve at Positive Options came  from believing that every conception is a child that the Father knew from before time began. I hope one day I am remembered as a person who deeply cared for the unborn.

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Steve and Libby, Client

I was eager to learn to become a better father, I am now a proud father of twins. My wife Libby and I believe that if we provide the truth, encouragement, and resources - young men and women will also find the courage to choose life and walk out their dreams.

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2023 Board Members

Mike V.- President

Tom W. - Vice President

Marsha M. - Secretary

Julie P. - Treasurer

Brooke  V.

Lou P.

Steve F.

Cal G.

Admin Staff

Garry M. - Executive Director

Rachel B. - Director of Operations 

Sue S. - Director of Business Administration


Marilyn C. - Director of Philanthropy

Jon W. - Donations Manager

Maria L. - Director of Marketing 

Jenny T. - Graphic Designer


Shannon M. - Director of Community Life

AmyJo P. - Director of Church Engagement

Kris D. - Community Coordinator

Pat V. - Abortion After Care Facilitator

Tim B. - Director of Fatherhood Initiatives


Mary W. - Director of Project Best Life

Emery P. - Managing Educator of Project Best Life

Stu D. - Educator of Project Best Life

Mary M. - Educator of Project Best Life

Janelle K. - Project BestLife Specialist

Katie M. - Administrative Assistant of Project Best Life

Center Staff

Wendy M.  - Lead Sonographer

Betsy B. -  Nurse Sonographer 

Marisa B.  - Sonographer

Gabbi D.  - Holland-Medical Administrator


Jessica S. - Holland Center Director

Mary Y. -Holland Assistant Director

Renee F. - Family Service Manager/Hispanic Program

Amanda L. - Pregnancy Counselor & Case Coordinator

Maddie S. - Pregnancy Counselor

Jay W. - Men's Coach

Sandy O. - Allendale Center Director

Shelley H. - Grand Haven Center Director

Abby M. -  Grand Haven Assistant Director 


Christina M. - Allegan Center Director

Carla V. - Allegan Assistant Director



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Annual Report
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