Tom Witteveen- President

Steve Fredericks - Vice President

Sylvia Muñoz - Secretary

Julie Plaggemars - Treasurer

Mike Van Drie

Liza Barry


Garry Markvluwer - Executive Director

Rachel Bell - Director of Operations 

Marilyn Cudahy - Director of Philanthropy

Maria Larsen - Director of Marketing 

Sue Shoemaker - Director of Business Administration

Kris DeBoer - Donations Manager


AmyJo Pleune - Director of Church Engagement

Sam Burns - Director of Fatherhood & Family Engagement

Emery Page - Managing Educator of {project} Best Life

Stu Duncan - Educator of {project} Best Life

Carla Price - Administrative Assistant of {project} BestLife


Betsy - Lead Nurse/Nurse Sonographer 

Wendy  - Lead Ultrasound Technologist

Karen  - Medical Administrator


Shannon Moloney - Holland Center Director

Mary Beth Likkel - Hispanic Program Director

Mary Martin - Pregnancy Counselor & Case Coordinator

Sandy Ohlman - Allendale Center Director

Faye  - Allendale Assistant Medical Manager

Shelley Hollar - Grand Haven Center Director 

Christina Madison - Allegan Center Director



HIGHLIGHTS (despite limited Covid hours and resources)
  • Introduced online classes through "Bright Course" with over 330 classes given.

  • 15 Partner churches after taking "Making Life Disciples" program.

  • Our growing men's programwith 113 men took online classes.

  • 626 lives have been impacted

  • 342 pregnancy tests

  • 185 ultrasounds

  • 49 layettes given to clients

  • 328 dads received one-on-one support

  • 1051 student interactions through {project} BestLife


We have been exploring how we can be more effective by collaborating with other area pregnancy centers.

We often meet with Pregnancy

Resource Center of Grand Rapids and Muskegon Pregnancy Center and Alpha Grand Rapids. The question being asked is
"How can we be better together?"

What We Have Accomplished So Far
Prayer: joining staff and directors in prayer
Collaborative Task Force: made up of representatives (board & staff) from each center

Items Under Consideration
Level of Partnership

Specific Needs


The purpose of our Mobile Medical Center is to provide medical services where people live. It raises awareness and gives us exposure as a "mobile billboard" that can travel anywhere.

Goals of Mobile Medical Center
Offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound to anyone facing a pregnancy.
To be used as a collaborative effort to expand our territory.


Specific Needs
- Purchase of a new vehicle


For more information or to get involved, email Wendy 

We deeply desire to build relationships and become a quality resource to churches and schools. We want to provide education and

services to their students, 

parents, and congregations.


Why We Want to Raise Awareness

  • 65% of women who have had abortions state they are Christian.

  • Christian teens are as sexually active as non-Christian teens.

  • 1 in 3 women experience abortion by age 45.


Questions We Need to Be Asking 
How will you respond to the next unplanned pregnancy?
How would you respond to the woman or man who comes to you and say they have had an abortion or are considering an abortion? 
How are you helping parents communicate Biblical sexuality with their teens and preparing teens for healthy relationships?
We believe people can be sexually and relationally healthy. Do you know that we provide teaching and resources to equip them to live healthy lifestyles?


Specific Needs

  • Open Doors to Church and School Leadership

  • Volunteers

  • Curriculum/Resource Costs

  • Special Event Costs


BestLife {hero} mens program keeps growing, Our trained male advocates meet with men during the pregnancy test, and continued care throughout pregnancy and into parenthood.

When a survey of 250 women was done, 81% of the women stated they aborted due to the influence of the man in their life.

The problem is not men, but their lack of knowledge and encouragement. We are here to educate, support and encourage men to be the best man, partner, and the father they are becoming.

To get involved or for more information, email Ben at ben.velthouse@lpcenters.com

Goals for Men's Program

  • Meet men at their point of need and choice

  • Help men understand and take on their God-given role

  • Help empower men to stand up for life

  • Equip men to protect women

  • Help men understand the devastation of abortion

  • Help men have a choice


Specific Needs

Male Advocates
Resources such as curriculum, incentive gifts