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We have two types of parenting classes: prenatal education classes and regular parenting classes. These classes offer individualized one-on-one classes to expectant moms. We celebrate and prepare with her through education and material support. 


Our Prenatal classes are free individual classes and have your questions answered about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and caring for newborns. 

Our clients can earn points for our Baby Boutique for clothing, diapers, shoes, blankets, and even formula. We want to give our clients the best preparation possible for the arrival of their little one.


Our parenting program is designed for young children under the age of 3. Participants are encouraged with support, material goods, and building healthy relationships with other parents. Topics include nutrition, discipline, goal setting, etc.


As a parent, you would love to create a healthy home for your children. Enroll in our free group classes and become the best parent you can be! 

Topics include child development, discipline, nutrition, goal setting, and the importance of healthy relationships. It is a great place to meet other parents, form relationships, and create support systems. 

Earn points, which can be spent in the Baby Boutique, helping you provide for the physical needs of your baby. 

ONLINE CLASSES: We are caring for clients in all our centers by bringing an amazing curriculum to help prepare clients for pregnancy, labor and delivery, parenting, and even life skills, like budgeting. We're very excited about it! The benefit of it being web-based is that we can meet clients in the center (ideal for mentoring opportunities), AND we can provide education to those unable to come to the center (still providing mentoring via Zoom). If clients can't get a ride, or time off work, whatever the hurdle - no problem. We can still connect and help them.

If you are interested in our program, please email Rachel.

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