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Positive Options uses stories because they engage the heart, influence viewpoints, and cultivate what generations believe about the value of every life. We hope these stories will change the way you think about the value of every life. Join us in writing history and changing the narrative in peoples lives.

Stories aren’t a new craft. For as long as time, people have told stories and likewise, craved to hear stories. They’ve stood as an avenue into the world's past and served as building blocks for creating change across cultures. They’ve offered wisdom, encouragement, comfort, and inspiration. Stories have had, and still have, the power to change other stories… If we let them. 


Watch: Olivia's Story

Watch: Yesenia's Story

Watch: A Father's Voice

Watch: Rochel's story

Watch: Kylar and Alexis' story

Watch: Lindsey's story

Watch: Jeremy and Monica's story

Watch: Drew and Samantha's story

Watch: Tracy's story

Watch: Silvia's story

Watch: Jill, Vanessa and Jasmine's story

Watch: Kyle and Megan's story

Watch: Brandy and Daniel's story

Watch: Monique and BG's story

Watch: Tiffany's story


Watch: Mara's Story

Watch: Marilyn's Story

Watch: Sherry and John's story

Unplanned pregnancies
Abortion stories
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