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Jaime's Story

When Jamie first heard the news that he was going to be a father, he was in total shock! It took a couple of days for him to wrap his mind around it. As time went by, reality sunk in - and the impossible started to appear differently. Jamie explained how vital time was essential in his journey - time and the positive influence of his advocate, Jay. Through the encouragement and guidance Jay provided, Jamie realized he could share his fear and uncertainty and work through the puzzles of life - without losing his dignity. Men need a place to process life - just as women do. The Bible says wars are won through the counsel of many. Proverbs 24:6-7
It was a powerful experience for Jamie. Jay helped him realize there was no shame in sharing trouble with others. That man-to-man opportunity is rare - and vitally important in life. Jay stood with Jamie as he embarked into fatherhood.

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