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Six buses from the Lakers Line are advertising on the driver's side, and the passenger side and some interior posters. Positive Options' message of compassion and care for those facing an unplanned pregnancy will be spread all over the GVSU campus and NW Grand Rapids. Thousands on thousands of young people will see they have a place to go and people who care. How many people are going to change their hearts about life? How many people will hear the good news of Jesus Christ?

We need your help to keep funding this BIG idea.
Please consider donating to the 2024 Lakers Bus Line campaign.


Google Ads, SEO, Google My Business and Virtual Geofencing are powerful online advertising platforms that allow Positive Options promote our services. For a non-profit, online Marketing can significantly amplify our message and reach a wider audience. By creating targeted and compelling ads or key words, we can connect with potential clients who are actively searching for help or information about an unplanned pregnancy. All these online platforms provide valuable insights through analytics, helping us understand the performance of our campaigns and optimize them for better results. Ultimately, it's a strategic tool to boost awareness, drive interactions, and make a meaningful impact our non-profit's mission.

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