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SEPTEMBER  6th, 2024



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The Golf Marathon is a full-day event that takes place at Winding Creek Golf Club in Holland. Participants aim to golf as many holes as possible on this picturesque golf course in a single day. The event involves two groups of golfers: fast golfers and leisure golfers. While fast golfers focus on speed, leisure golfers enjoy a more relaxed pace of play.

Throughout the day, participants have the opportunity to take part in various exciting contests that add an extra element of fun and competition to the event. The contests include the following:

  1. Hole-in-One Contest: Participants have the chance to win a significant prize, such as $10,000, by achieving a remarkable hole-in-one on a designated hole. This contest adds an element of thrill and anticipation as players aim for the perfect shot.

  2. Closest to the Pin: Golfers compete to hit their shots closest to the pin on specific holes. The participant who lands their ball nearest to the hole wins the contest, showcasing their accuracy and precision.

  3. Longest Putt: Golfers showcase their putting skills as they compete to sink the longest putt on a designated hole. The participant who successfully sinks the longest putt takes the prize, highlighting their finesse on the greens.

  4. Longest Drive: Participants aim to hit the longest drive off the tee on selected holes. This contest measures the power and distance of each player's drives, with the golfer who achieves the longest drive emerging as the winner (one start for women and one for men).

Amidst the contests, the highly anticipated "Don't Lose the Emoji Ball" challenge takes place. Participants are given a specially designed ball with an emoji pattern and must strive to complete the entire day without losing it. This challenge adds an extra level of fun and focus as golfers navigate the course while keeping their emoji ball safe.

Beyond the excitement and enjoyment, the Golf Marathon serves a larger purpose. The goal of the golfers is to fundraise for Positive Options, actively contributing to saving lives and providing abundant life services to those in need. This fundraising aspect adds a sense of purpose and fulfillment to the event, allowing participants to make a meaningful difference while indulging in their passion for golf.

The Golf Marathon at Winding Creek Golf Club combines the joy of golfing with the opportunity to support life. Participants challenge themselves to play as many holes as possible, engage in thrilling contests such as the hole-in-one, closest to the pin, longest putt, and longest drive challenges, and contribute to fundraising efforts for worthy causes. It is an event that not only celebrates the sport but also creates a platform for participants to make a positive impact on life and bring about positive change through their collective efforts.

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