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Kevin's Story

Imagine it… you’re about to relax into a long-needed

vacation, you find a note strategically hidden for you to find from your teenage daughter.

“Dear Mom & Dad, I don’t know how to say this. I’m pregnant….”

You re-read it. Is this real?

For Kevin and his wife, the vacation was over. The only thing they knew was they had to go home. Beyond that step was uncharted territory, an unplanned pregnancy, an unexplainable wilderness of emotions, fears, and questions. They had no idea what to do. Kevin shared his story with us and was graciously vulnerable to share how he navigated with resistance, rigidity, and even levels of rejection.

Krista, on the other hand, found rare courage in the middle of the storm. Alone and afraid, she ventured into the doors of Positive Options. The staff and volunteers provided answers, comfort, encouragement, and resources to empower Krista not only to choose life but to make that choice with the certainty of support. Throughout the pregnancy, she continued to attend classes to prepare for the great unknown. Her father, Kevin, watched his daughter blossom from a teenager to an adult and then a mother before his eyes. The grace that lifted Krista soon touched her father, and he began to turn his sorrowing heart into a place of love and mercy as well. He graciously attributes the bravery and compassion he sees in his daughter, now a mother of three, to the team at Positive Options. We are grateful and point that glory to the One who taught us how to love - even in the storm.

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